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Exploring Child-Friendly Attractions in London: A Memorable Weekend Adventure

This past weekend, my family and I embarked on an exciting trip to London, eager to explore some Instagram-inspired places and child-friendly attractions in the heart of the city. With just 24 hours at our disposal, we wanted to make the most of our time and ensure a stress-free journey. Opting for National Express, the UK's largest coach service operator, we embarked on a comfortable ride with amenities like leather seats, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi, making the journey enjoyable for both parents and our two-year-old. In collaboration with National Express, we embarked on an action-packed adventure, discovering some epic places that catered to our little one's needs. Join me as I share our memorable experiences and recommendations for child-friendly activities in London.

Entertainment for the Kids: Even with limited time, we found ways to entertain our little one by visiting two top attractions in Westminster.

Sea Life Centre

Having previously enjoyed our local Sea Life in Great Yarmouth, we were thrilled to visit the Sea Life Centre in London. The interactive stations, awe-inspiring marine life displays, and special activities throughout the year kept our family engaged. From sharks to penguins, and even Nemo and Dory look-alike fish, each section offered a unique experience. The Polar/Antarctic animal display, featuring high-tech screens and a real-life snow display, left us in awe. Be prepared to spend a minimum of two hours exploring this fascinating attraction.

Shrek's Adventure

Located close to the Sea Life Centre, Shrek's Adventure offers a walk-through action role-play experience. With actors guiding visitors through quests and interactive games from Dreamworks movies, the adventure is full of excitement. Our favorite part was the 4D London bus ride hosted by Donkey, featuring scenes from beloved movies like 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 'Kung Fu Panda.' Meeting Shrek himself and capturing a photo together was the perfect finale to our adventure.

A Memorable Dining Experience

Staying near Tower Bridge, we discovered an unforgettable dining spot that catered to both our taste buds and our child's needs.

The Ting Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel: Despite initial concerns about bringing our unpredictable two-year-old to a high-end establishment, The Ting Lounge in the Shard exceeded our expectations. Offering breathtaking views of the city, the lounge provided an affordable yet memorable dining experience. The children's menu impressed us with its variety, including options like mac and cheese and curry. While we indulged in starters, mains, and drinks, we spent around £100, considering the exceptional ambiance and unrushed atmosphere. The Ting Lounge proved child-friendly, allowing us to relax and enjoy the stunning sunset over London.


Although we didn't stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, the Hilton Tower Bridge is a fantastic family-friendly option nearby, offering a five-star view of the Shard. Our stay at the Hilton was impeccable, with an executive suite boasting a splendid view and ample space for our luggage and stroller. The rooftop lounge, Hilton Honours club, and a delightful surprise—a ball pit—enhanced our experience. The quiet and less noisy atmosphere at night made our stay truly enjoyable, setting the Hilton Tower Bridge apart from other hotels in the bustling city.

Our weekend adventure in London was a whirlwind of exploration and child-friendly activities, thanks to National Express and their collaboration with us. We discovered the wonders of Sea Life Centre, embarked on an action-packed journey at Shrek's Adventure, savoured the city's stunning skyline from The Ting Lounge, and enjoyed a comfortable stay at the Hilton Tower Bridge. London offers an array of attractions for families, ensuring both children and adults have a memorable time. If you're planning a longer stay, make sure to explore further resources for more exciting adventures in this vibrant city. London truly has something for everyone!

While this list is just some of my recommendations there are so much more you can check out in London that is fun for adults and also kid-friendly: I found some great resources here for you if you plan on staying longer! (Affiliated)

This was a PR trip: Travel, accommodation and entertainment were provided by National Express.


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