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How to Throw an Epic Halloween Kids Party

Halloween is has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t get planning…or use this for inspiration or help planning children’s parties.

I love a good spooky soirée, however this year I decided to do a Not-So-Scary get together for my son and his little friends! With each attended under 3 years old, I had to customize each traditional Halloween activity to be toddler-friendly and enjoyable for the parents as well.

From decorating your house to keeping the kids entertained with fun party games, I’ve got Halloween party planning covered!

Most everything in this post comes from the range of party decor from Postbox Party so if there’s anything you’d like for your own Halloween party, pick it up at

Let’s get started!

Planning a Halloween party for kids

Send out invitations

I personally used to create my Halloween invites and send them via text to all the attendees. I love all the different options for creation and it’s completely free to use (Your I’ll have to purchase some special features if you wish).

Parents normally will need plenty of notice when they’re planning their kids’ schedules (and Halloween is a popular night for parties) so I’d recommend sending out your invites at the beginning of October.

Stock up on party essentials

Next, stock up on party essentials for your kids’ Halloween party. We’d recommend choosing party supplies that are bright, colourful and fun. After all, you don’t want young kids to get scared by anything too spooky…but I think fun elements or interactive elements outside the home is fine but I wouldn’t put anything scary in the party room.

I put together a couple of different stations for activities including a photo booth with an instant camera for families to use to have a little gift to take away after capturing fun pictures of their crew in their costumes. I’ve added a lowered coffee table with waterproof table cloths to use a kiddy table and candy apple station. Finally, I decorated our dining table with Halloween tableware to create a centre for all the treats to be featured.

Plan your party food

The next thing to plan in advance is party food.

Party food is best prepared in advance or the morning of the party to keep the food fresh.

We decided on

PB&J Spider Sandwiches

Vegan Mummy sausage rolls

Orange Jack O Lanterns and Boo-nanas

Spider Web Taco Dip

Pumpkin Pie Chex Mix

Monster Claw Popcorn Bags

Hot Apple Cider

Fruit Punch Witches Brew

Kiddy Candy Apple Station

Fabulous Cupcakes from Kat_a_Cakes

PostBox Party also made each child a customised name Halloween bag to take away from the party and use for trick or treating! I filled each bag with candy, a few small toys and tied it off with a lack of lantern balloon!

Next, get into costume!

On the day of your children’s Halloween party, costumes are a must!

The possibilities are endless!

I ended up making our costumes out of materials that can be used or worn after Halloween.

We went as the characters from Wizard of Oz this year. I crocheted my son’s Lion Hat and bought him a mustard plaid shirt and matching trousers. I found a blue gingham dress on Depot, Ruby (actual slippers) from Amazon and slapped on a brown wig. My husband was the easiest to dress in a grey sweater and jogging trousers, painted with grey face paint and a funnel with aluminium foil wrapped around it.


Plan some good party games

A kids’ Halloween party is all about fun so make sure you have some fun games up your sleeve to keep your guests entertained and out of mischief. Here are our favourite Halloween party game ideas for kids:

Mummy Wrap

This game is super fun when you put a bunch of wiggly toddlers in a room. Simply hand each parent a roll of toilet paper. Next, tell them that they must wrap their child like a mummy and the first to finish yells “Happy Halloween”. It’s up to you if you’d like to hand out prizes!

And when you’re done…if your brave let them play with the paper and throw it about!

Apple bobbing..or Fishin’

This Halloween party game is fun for any age! All you need is a large bucket filled with water and apples. Then let each child take it in turns to lift an apple out of the bucket using only their mouth. Alternatively, you can use a little fishing net and let the younger ones fish for their apples. Take it to the next level and set up a candy apple bar and let the little ones decorate their own apples with candy!

Ready to throw your own Halloween party? Pick up all your Halloween party supplies at

And now you can use code MamaC20 for 20% off everything on the website for a week. Nov 2nd-9th so get ordering those Christmas decorations!


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