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A Dream Come True:Spice Girls Reunion Tour 2019 Wembley Stadium- London, UK- Ft. National Express

This weekend was an absolute whirlwind of #GirlPower and childhood dreams coming true. I had the incredible opportunity to attend a Spice Girls concert, an iconic group that I never thought I would see live. Thanks to National Express, the official transport of Wembley Stadium, my dream became a reality. Not only did National Express provide a stress-free journey to and from the concert, but it also added a touch of style and convenience to the experience. Join me as I share the details of this unforgettable adventure.

Convenient Travel with National Express

National Express made attending the concert at Wembley Stadium effortless and enjoyable. With over 40 locations in the UK to choose from, I booked our coach directly to Wembley. It was a relief to skip the stress of driving and instead travel in comfort and style. I was thrilled to bring along one of my closest friends, who shared my excitement for the concert.

Cool Info about National Express services to Wembley Stadium

National Express offers dedicated services to Wembley Stadium from various locations across the UK. This meant we could travel directly to the venue without any hassle. What impressed me the most was the convenience of the return journey. Unlike other forms of public transport, National Express coaches wait until the concert or game has finished, ensuring passengers can make their way back on time. This attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction set National Express apart.

Comfort and Entertainment Onboard

As we embarked on our journey, the coach provided us with complimentary onboard WiFi, allowing us to stay connected and entertained throughout the ride. We made use of the VUER entertainment system, which offered a wide selection of shows and channels. I couldn't resist catching up on my favourite American reality shows, adding to the excitement and anticipation building up to the concert.

An Enjoyable Journey and Perfect Timing

Travelling by coach was a breeze. We were picked up at a convenient location in Norwich and arrived at Wembley Stadium around 3:30 pm, allowing us ample time to grab a bite to eat nearby before heading inside. The journey duration was just right, providing a balance between travel time and preparation for the concert.

Spice Girls Concert Highlights

Our seats were amazing, offering a fantastic view of the entire stage. We were thrilled to witness Jess Glynne as the opening act, a talented and soulful artist. Singing along to her hit songs set the stage for an incredible evening. The Spice Girls themselves were phenomenal, with an amazing set, talented dancers, and an energetic crowd. The costumes and overall nostalgia of seeing my childhood idols perform live made it an unforgettable experience.

A Smooth Return Journey

After the concert, we boarded the coach approximately an hour later. The comfortable seats and exhaustion from an incredible night allowed us to fall asleep instantly. This made the journey back to Norwich much faster than the initial trip. We arrived back home around 3 am, feeling surprisingly refreshed and not at all tired. National Express truly provided a stress-free and comfortable ride, with no transfers or the need to worry about Wi-Fi connectivity.

Looking Ahead

This Spice Girls concert experience was a dream come true, and I can't wait to see them again when they tour in the future. Even if they may have a few more grey hairs, as long as they keep donning those iconic costumes, I'm all in. National Express has undoubtedly won me over with theirits excellent service and convenience. Whether it's for events, business trips, or leisurely adventures, I will gladly choose National Express for my future travels.

(We also had a photo opt by the original Spice Girls movie bus)

Attending the Spice Girls concert with National Express as my transport partner was an absolute thrill. From the convenience and style of travel to the comfort and entertainment onboard, National Express exceeded my expectations. This adventure allowed me to relive childhood memories and embrace the power of #GirlPower. I am grateful to Mama Cates for gifting me with this incredible experience. If you're looking for a stress-free and enjoyable way to travel, I highly recommend National Express for your next adventure. #NationalExpressPartner #SpiceGirls #Travel #TravelBlogger


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