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Wells-Next-The Sea Beach Hut Holiday: #ukstaycation series

Looking to satisfy your longing for a beach vacation? Look no further than Wells-Next-The-Sea, a hidden gem on the North Norfolk coast of England. Instead of stressing over booking a trip abroad, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of offerings right here in the UK!

Just two weeks ago, our family decided to embark on a quintessentially British seaside holiday in Wells-Next-The-Sea. With travel restrictions in place, we challenged ourselves to explore local destinations and discovered a world of beauty right on our doorstep. As someone who hails from the States, I was amazed to uncover a plethora of British holiday spots that I not only hadn't experienced before but also didn't even realise existed in the UK!

Wells-Next-The-Sea is truly a sight to behold. Its picturesque beach huts are unrivalled and provide the perfect setting for a relaxing day on the sand. We enjoyed hiring a photographer, Nic Skerten, whom I've known since moving to the UK and greatly admire his talent. Together, we captured unforgettable family moments and indulged in delightful picnics by the seaside.

The beauty and charm of Wells-Next-The-Sea exceeded our expectations, proving that a beachy getaway doesn't always require jetting off to far-flung destinations. Sometimes, the most memorable experiences can be found right in our backyard.

We found the most perfect beach hut that helped us feel completely submerged in the laid-back atmosphere of the beach. Luckily we had a perfectly sunny day and gorgeous weather, which made for the perfect British summer celebrations. When booking we found the website to be incredibly helpful and plan to use this site for future bookings!

If you decided to give Well-Next-The Sea a visit you have both options of packing a lovely picnic like we did. (we found this build-your-own one from Cartwright and Bulter) or grab fish and chips from the cafe close by. You can even find a little shopping at the Joules' boutique near the cafe!

If you plan on spending more time in Wells-Next-The-Sea, you should take a trip to Burnham Market for some more shopping!

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