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5 Reason Why Your Child Should Learn To Speak French

As parents, my husband and I highly value providing our son with an education that brings joy, opens doors to the world, and fosters an appreciation for nature, kindness, and understanding of other cultures. With my husband having learned French in the past and my long-standing desire to learn the language, we decided to teach our son French from an early age.

When it came to finding an effective and convenient way to teach French at home, my main goal was to find a program that could accommodate both my son's and my learning styles. I am a visual and hands-on learner, so I knew that finding a program developed by experts in neurosciences, linguistics, and the Montessori method would make learning French fun and engaging for both of us.

Now, let's explore the five reasons why your child should learn to speak French:

French Is the Main Second Language in Many Schools

In various countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, and across Europe, French is taught as the primary second language from an early age. Some countries may not even offer English as a course, whereas French is a common choice. By teaching your child French before they reach school age, they will have a head start and the opportunity to explore other languages like Latin or Mandarin.

French Is Easier to Learn If You Already Speak English

Contrary to popular belief, French is considered one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Both English and French share common roots and have influenced each other throughout history. French was the official language of English courts for centuries. Additionally, learning French first makes acquiring Spanish easier in the future, as both languages have similarities due to their Latin origins.

Career and Educational Opportunities

Speaking both French and English provides a significant advantage in the international job market and higher education. Fluency in French opens doors to French companies in France and other French-speaking regions worldwide. France boasts one of the largest economies globally, and being able to communicate in French enhances career prospects. Moreover, speaking French grants your child the opportunity to study at prestigious French universities and business schools, which are renowned institutions in Europe and the world.

Cultural Enrichment and Travel

French is the language of culinary arts, fashion, theatre, visual arts, dance, and architecture. Additionally, France is the top tourist destination, attracting over 87 million visitors annually. Knowing French enhances the pleasure of visiting Paris and exploring the diverse regions of France, providing deeper insights into French culture and way of life. Speaking French also allows for better connections and understanding when interacting with people from other parts of the world.

Developing Empathy and Understanding

Learning a second language helps children develop empathy and consider different perspectives. Studies have shown that children in bilingual environments perform better and demonstrate a greater willingness to help others.

When I discovered KOKORO LINGUA, an online platform that keeps children engaged and physically active while learning French, I was thrilled. The program uses entertaining weekly videos, featuring French-speaking children conversing with other kids.

Through KOKORO LINGUA's implicit, active, and positive teaching approach, our son gains self-confidence and connects with the world around him. Starting in January 2020, KOKORO LINGUA will offer theirits program in French, and as a special initiative, each subscription will provide a free subscription to a family or school in need.

In conclusion, teaching your child French offers numerous benefits, from enhanced educational and career opportunities to cultural enrichment and improved empathy. By immersing your child in the language at an early age, you provide them with a valuable tool that will open doors and broaden their horizons.

When I found out about KOKORO LINGUA, I was happy to find an online platform which we could use on the go that kept my son engaged and physically active in front of the computer screen. KOKORO LINGUA uses 10-minute fun and entertaining weekly videos, where you can learn from 7-year-olds speaking in French to other children.

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